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HORTIDATA is an ornamental horticulture database that IQHDO has been developing since 1992. This unique database contains nearly 37,300 article references classified by theme (keywords). It is easy to use and with a few clicks lets you access a huge quantity of technical and practical information on a broad range of subjects, including the production, management, and marketing of ornamental plants. Most articles are available in full text PDF format.

HORTIDATA operates in three languages (French, English, and Spanish) and draws on a number of reputed journals:

  • American Nurseryman
  • Australian Horticulture
  • FlowerTECH
  • Greenhouse Grower
  • Greenhouse Canada
  • GrowerTalks
  • Horticulture Review
  • HortTechnology
  • Journal of the American Society
    for Horticultural Science
  • PHM Revue Horticole
  • Québec Vert

A query generates three successive levels of information:

  • Level 1: a list of article titles
  • Level 2: full bibliographic references and keywords
  • Level 3: the text in PDF if reproduction rights have been obtained

The first two levels are available to the public free-of-charge, but Level 3 is reserved for IQDHO members and HORTIDATA subscribers.


New Additions to HORTIDATA

IQDHO members have the privilege of receiving monthly emails with several articles selected from among the hundreds added to the database on a monthly basis.

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Internet access to HORTIDATA was made possible through a grant from the Quebec Government Information Highway Fund.


Fonds de l'autoroute de l'information du gouvernement du Québec


IQDHO has asked presumed copyright holders (publishers, associations, companies, and authors) for the Internet reproduction rights to texts that have been selected, scanned, and incorporated into the database and has contacted the copyright holders based on the information received from the above. Consequently, IQDHO has obtained, or believes in good faith to have obtained, the reproduction rights to scanned articles available in the HORTIDATA database. Scanned copies of indexed texts whose copyright holders have not been found are not available. If you note an error in this regard, please notify us by email as soon as possible.

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